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Solutions for the educational sector

We design and provide solutions for education in the public and private sectors, from school education (K-12) to university, social and business education processes.

i3LAP, learning access point, LMS, Moodle, Chamilo, recursos educativos STEM, recursos educativos STEAM, internet sin internet,


Solution specially designed for educational institutions with intermittent or no internet access. It is made up of a learning management platform (LMS), +5,000 contents, which generates a micro cloud or local website for the classroom. 

i3CAMPUS - eLearning y LMS 

i3Campus, LMS, Moodle, Chamilo, eLearning,

We support the transformation of classrooms into modern learning scenarios by training teachers in e-learning.

We have a master's degree in Educatronics (taught by UDES) and short diploma courses to generate new skills in teachers.

STEAM classroom, stem classroom, stem furniture, educational robotics, interactive board, i3board, portable cart, smart charging, project-based learning, i3LAP, 21st century skills, collaborative learning, innovative pedagogies,

 Classroom STEAM

​A unique learning environment designed to promote STEAM-focused education and the development of 21st century skills and competencies. Through interactive tools, trainers, digital content, classroom guides and furniture.

Aulamóvil STEM

stem mobile classroom, stem mobile classroom, autonomous video projector, learning experience, i3LAP, sustainable classroom, rural stem classroom, rural school, offline educational resources, STEM approach,

Closing gaps in rural education and bringing learning experiences anywhere. Delivering a technological solution for rural environments with energy deficiency and offline educational resources, teaching updating and STEM focus.

i3book, interactive book, interactive books, Gtalk, Gridmark, gridmak club, books that play audio, books with audio, interactive resource, stem book, augmented reality,


​A unique reading experience through personalized interactive printed books, breaking the barriers of traditional reading and enchanting readers with a unique reading experience, with design, audios, digital web resources and augmented reality.

early education classroom, stem classroom for children, k-12, primary classroom, 21st century skills for children, critical thinking, creative thinking, creativity, curiosity,

​Early Education Classrooms K-5

Learning spaces designed for the little ones, where the development of skills and learning is promoted in the early grades, through tools, educational resources, teacher training, work materials and support.



We design and execute projects to promote the use of English as a second language in the regions, through successful teacher training processes, linguistic immersion spaces, provision of educational resources and international certification.

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